Career Growth

The Professionally qualified and talented human resource of TUSCO Limited enables the company to maintain its competitive edge. To further reinforce the available resources, TUSCO Limited follows a well-defined talent management program for attracting and retaining talent. Knowledge Management, Discussion Forums, Lessons learnt workshops, Knowledge Sharing Workshops, Ankur Mentor Scheme to ensure that the young generation joining the team has strong backing of experts in the field and gain fruitfully through their association with their seniors.

Conversely, the young talent is also given leverage to come out with ideas and suggestions for improvement in the systems, technology with their active participation in discussion forums and with clients. The recruitment and selection process at TUSCO Limited ensures continuous intake of fresh talent and domain knowledge specialists in all cadres viz Executives, Supervisors and Workmen.

In order to motivate and enthuse its employees for better and more effective performance by rewarding them with promotion to positions of higher responsibility/ grades, commensurate with their merit, ability and contribution towards the achievements of the organizational objective and effectiveness TUSCO Limited has a well defined Promotion policy for Executives, Supervisors and Workmen. Contractual Employees are also inducted by TUSCO Limited in specific domainslike Health Care and services as it is difficult to find health care professionals on regular roles in hilly and tough terrains.