Floating Solar Projects in Uttar Pradesh

Government of Uttar Pradesh had accorded in principle approval to TUSCO Limited, for PFR and DPR preparation of the following water bodies vide उ0 प्र0 शासकीय पत्रांक 599/22-27- सि0 -4-33(डब्ल्यू)/ 88टी0 सी 0/ दिनांक 12.05.2022.

  1. Mata Tila Dam & Reservoir, Lalitpur
  2. Dhukwan Dam & Reservoir, Jhansi
  3. Jamini Dam & Reservoir, Lalitpur
  4. Arjun Sagar, Mahoba
  5. Adwa Dam & Reservoir, Mirzapur
  6. Ram Ganga Dam & Reservoir, Kalagarh, Uttarakhand

As per Pre-Feasibility Reports(PFR) of the above 6 projects, only 3 Dams/Project Sites (out of the above 06 water bodies) have been found to be suitable for development of Floating Solar Projects as below:

  1. Mata Tila Dam & Reservoir, Lalitpur
  2. Jamini Dam & Reservoir, Lalitpur 
  3. Arjun Sagar, Mahoba

DPR of the above 3 Floating Solar Project Sites have been prepared.