Shri Manoj Sardana

Chief Executive Officer

As an economist has rightly said that successful management consists of synthesizing experience with youth, Shri Manoj Sardana believes that in addition to his panache experience in project management, he also possesses the right kind of personal traits expected of a professional leader in today’s ever changing Power Sector scenario.

Having acquired Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree from Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College, Univ. of Allahabad, and Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore; Shri Manoj Sardana’s sound career progression till date covering various aspects of planning, implementation, construction management, project management and commissioning of several infrastructural projects of varied nature and sizes has provided him with enough confidence and professional skills. It has also prepared a solid foundation for him to strive for playing a much bigger role in the society.

Shri Manoj Sardana joined THDC India Limited as Assistant Engineer in 1990 and has been involved with over all implementation of Tehri Dam (1000 MW) in various capacities in different departments. Subsequently, during 2015-2017 Shri Sardana executed two wind projects of 50 MW and 63 MW in Gujrat and was also actively involved in planning, award and construction of 50 MW ground mounted Solar power project in Kasargod, Kerala. He was thereafter entrusted to look after the implementation of prestigious 600 MW Jhansi and 600 MW Lalitpur Solar Power Parks during the period 2021 to 2022. Presently, Shri Sardana is CEO of TUSCO Limited (A JV of THDC India Limited & UPNEDA, Govt. of UP), which is mandated to implement 2000 MW ground mounted Solar Power Projects in the State of Uttar Pradesh.